FOG Industry Consultant

Assisting wastewater authorities to better manage fats, oils, and grease through FOG program development, amendment, and education.

Ken Loucks, 

The Interceptor Whisperer

Affectionately known as the Interceptor Whisperer, Ken has a knack for understanding grease interceptors and has spent more than a decade learning how they work, how they have evolved over time, and how to effectively manage them in pretreatment and FOG control programs.

Over the years, Ken has helped dozens of cities, wastewater utilities, and pre-treatment programs improve their FOG abatement efforts.

If you need assistance with your FOG program development, amendment, or education, reach out to IW Consulting Service today!


Whether you are a city in need of developing a brand new FOG program or a FOG inspector wanting additional training on grease interceptors, there are a number of ways IW Consulting Service can assist you!

FOG Program Development

For cities or utilities interested in developing a FOG control program.

FOG Program Amendment

For cities or utilities interested in updating elements or strategies of their existing FOG program.

FOG Program Education

For cities, utilities, or other interested stakeholders that want an education  in FOG program management or grease interceptor operation and control strategies.

FOG Treatment & Disposal Solutions

For wastewater treatment plants, commercial FOG processors, and waste haulers looking to reduce costs of FOG disposal and add revenue from biofuel.


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The Interceptor Whisperer's

Grease Interceptor Training Course

Join the Interceptor Whisperer for a 6 module course on everything you need to know about commercial grease interceptors. Reserve your spot today!


I wish this was available 10 years ago. Excellent course!


This course is great for those entering pretreatment or creating a FOG program...key information to understanding the PWUT.


I would absolutely recommend this course. The industry is FOG training starved!


To learn more about IW Consulting Service, LLC and the services offered, or to contact Ken, feel free to call or email, or complete the contact form to the right.

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