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The Interceptor Whisperer's

Grease Interceptor Training Course

This 6-module course is a great opportunity to learn everything you need to know about commercial grease interceptors including:

1. The History and Evolution of Grease Interceptors (50 min)
2. How all Grease Interceptors Work with Emulsification Demonstration (50 min)
3. How Grease Interceptors are Regulated in Model Plumbing Codes (50 min)
4. The Product Standards that Govern Grease Interceptors (50 min)
5. How to Properly Size and Select Grease Interceptors by Grease Production (50 min)
6. Inspection and Maintenance Considerations for Grease Interceptors (50 min)

You can attend a LIVE local event near you or take the course online through our very own FOG Training Institute! Earn continuing education credits and join the Interceptor Whisperer for the Grease Interceptor Training Course today!

What Students Are Saying

"Everything was well laid out and concise. I actually used the concepts I learned Tuesday in the field on Thursday. Thoroughly enjoyed the class."


"I am new to the FOG Program so I learned a lot about sizing, the importance of flow rate and making sure to size the interceptor correctly, and definitely learned the importance of hydromechanical vs. gravity interceptors."


"This class was very informative and had a great amount of visual aids. I think this course should be taken by every jurisdiction and sewer utility."


Want to bring the Grease Interceptor Training Course to YOUR area?

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