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Would you recommend this course to others?

"I have already recommended this class to others. Outstanding class!" - Joel

"This is a great primer for anyone who is coming into the industry, especially those who will be doing inspections and plan reviews." - Anonymous

"The instructor kept the contents interesting and the class engaged. I learned more than I thought I would when I signed up." - Roxanne

"This course is great for those entering pretreatment or creating a FOG program...key information to understanding the PWUT." - Gerald

"I would absolutely recommend this course. The industry is FOG training starved!" - Stephen

"This class was very informative and had a great amount of visual aids...I think this course should be taken by every jurisdiction and sewer utility." - Glen

"I wish this was available 10 years ago. Excellent course!" - Julie

"The course was eye-opening!" - Brandon

"I would definitely recommend this course. Especially to new people in FOG." - Karen

What are the most important takeaways for you from the course?

"I had no idea that FOG was so important so long ago. I was under the impression that it was a relatively new thing. I know what grease interceptors are and how they work but this course has really opened my eyes and made me more aware of what grease interceptors are all about. I had no idea about food waste disposers and grease removal devices. This course did a great job of explaining what they are and how they work." - Anonymous

"The importance of: 1. Phasing out GGIs 2. All fixtures that could introduce FOG, requiring connection to HGI 3. Education in BMPs is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT in the commercial and residential areas. 4. The chemistry behind FOG! (more operations/public works/Utility Directors need to be aware of these facts! 5. The need to rework language in ordinances/policy to support successful FOG prevention, with the facts and data to back it up!" - Lindsey

"For me, I am new to the FOG Program so I learned a lot about sizing, the importance of flow rate and making sure to size the interceptor correctly, and definitely learned the importance of hydromechanical vs gravity interceptors."

- Chelsea

"Everything was well laid out and concise. I actually used the concepts I learned on Tuesday in the field on Thursday. Thoroughly enjoyed the class." - Alan

"Thinking through the certified and tested interceptor vs the concrete tank that has no validation for its effectiveness."

- Stephen

"How we got where we are today, how hydrogen sulfide and by-products are produced, how grease, water, surfactants, and heat all work together (or not)." - Julie

"The amount of FOG that really enters POTW due to poor device performance and maintenance." - Chris

"How effective and efficient HGIs are. Also, how a GI works and what to look for when inspecting." - Ben

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