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Portable Digital FOG Probe

In July 2022, Aqua Metrix by Water Analytics launched the AM-FOG Probe, which is a portable digital probe for measuring the depth of FOG in grease interceptors. This portable probe travels with you in its carrying case and is ready to go when you are. Clean-up is quick and easy with the "wiper" that comes with the unit. Just pull the handle down the length of the probe to clean off the surface. Then simply spray with a degreaser and wipe down with paper towels before storing it in its carrying case. Oh, and the carrying case serves to provide calibration for the unit with water as necessary as well. 

The Probe connects via Blue Tooth technology to a mobile app available to download for free on either Google Play or Apple App Store - just search for AM-FOG. Once connected to your device, the app displays the measurements of an inspection as a bar and is customizable if necessary. It measures the FOG level in 1-inch increments. Digital level readings can be saved with GPS and site information!

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AM-FOG Probe

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Carry Case

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The AM-FOG Probe is the first portable digital probe designed to reliably and inexpensively measure the levels of FOG (fats, oils and grease) in a grease interceptor. Based on measuring the electrical properties of the surrounding medium, there are no moving parts or expensive transducers. The result is a probe that can withstand the extreme physical and chemical environment of a grease interceptor all while keeping the operator clean as no FOG is removed in the process. Innovative technology puts you in the driver seat to perform successful inspections. When a municipal inspector needs clean, accurate and reliable digital data there is no better solution than the innovative portable FOG probe from AquaMetrix by Water Analytics.

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Julie Dufresne 
Environmental Compliance Specialist, LOTT Water, WA

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Barry Orr
Sewer Outreach and Control Inspector, London, Ontario

The digital FOG probe is a “game changer” for our FOG program. Many times the Food Service Establishment will not clean their Hydromechanical Grease Interceptor as frequently as required. The probe gives the FOG measurement accurately on my app to instantly show the FSE why they are out of compliance.

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Greg Galloway
Environmental Compliance Inspector, Alderwood Water District, WA

Water Analytics’ Digital AM-FOG Probe is an awesome tool, it is by far the best method I have used for inspecting hydro-mechanical grease interceptors. The cleanup is smooth and simple right there on the spot, nothing internal to clean, just wipe it down. Awe but do not flush that wipe! The app documents the amount of mat, sludge and water during your inspections providing you immediate documentation for coaching your customers.  

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